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Senior Correspondent

The Boomers’ Guide to Going Abroad

Book Review

For anyone, whether senior, boomer or younger, contemplating traveling or living abroad, Doris Galen’s e-book, The Boomers’ Guide To Going Abroad is a must.  I have recently returned to the United States from spending almost a year in France and Italy, and I wish her book had been released in time to help me through the challenges that inevitably arise.

Doris comes to the topic with years of experience in traveling and living abroad, as well as a travel writer.  She writes an informative and interesting blog on travel, http://www.travelblogexchange.com.

The subtitle of The Boomers’ Guide To Going Abroad is informative of what is inside: “Travel, Live, Give, Learn.”

Doris first asks you to define your dreams and understand why you have decided to travel or live abroad.  That helps you understand what challenges lie ahead and prepares you for your trip, which Doris guides you through, including how to handle the reactions of people in your lives who may not understand why you are doing what you are doing.

She then, with clarity, accuracy and honestly explains what to expect of the strange culture that you will encounter.  She discusses in detail how to eat healthfully and safely and even how to avoid getting sick.

She covers the real nitty gritty about finding hotels and restaurants that are clean, but don’t cost an arm and a leg.

To me, the most interesting part of the book is her discussion of her own travels and the mistakes she made, which, especially in the chapter, Safari from Hell she covers with self-deprecating humor.

She even takes the reader through the technicalities of obtaining visas, permits and related documents from government.

Finally, she takes care in discussing the main reason I love travel, and that is to learn.

In sum and substance, this little e-book covers everything you could possibly know before you embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  You can’t expect to anticipate every challenge.  After all, it is the adventure and the unexpected that cause most people to want to travel abroad.  But this book will help you avoid the pitfalls that it is possible to avoid or at least be prepared for.  I highly recommend it.

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