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Senior Correspondent

I have had a long and rich life so far, from the streets of war-torn Bristol, England, to the bucolic and ‘Birkenstock’ environment of Carrboro, North Carolina, along the way living in Scotland, Switzerland, and Arkansas. How in a paragraph does one describe all the joys and vicissitudes of one’s life journey on this beautiful planet? My history reminds me of ‘Of Human Bondage,’ ‘The Razor’s Edge,’ ‘Lives of a Cell’ and ‘Candide,’ all rolled into one. I have four talented siblings, each remarkable and wacky in their own way. We were raised by an intelligent, but bitter, mother with a sharp wit who brought us unscathed (physically) through World War II, bombs and all. Mom, now 96, strongly encouraged us to seek an education. The latter was a great parental gift that led to my becoming a veterinarian, neuropathologist, and researcher with lots of letters after my name and an eclectic group of publications in a range of fields from morphology to fluid mechanics, of which are no longer of any real import in my life interestingly enough. You cannot move on until you let go!

Education is an every day process, and it has served me well throughout my life, as has reading. My intellectual pursuits were a two-edged sword, leading to a successful career as a scientist but delayed emotional development (fixed that mostly in my late 40s). Like Socrates, my true hero, I am now learning to enjoy dance through the study of Continuum. Socrates took on dance when he was 70 years of age, because he sensed something was missing. I have always had the same feeling, constantly wondering why people did that. Now I know, it feels good, and all thanks to my recent study of Continuum, in response to encouragement by my partner, Deb (a nurse and mother of three, including an autistic son, which is an education in itself).

I have enjoyed a number of sports, starting with water polo in my teens, then martial arts, including Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. I took up table tennis, downhill skiing, racquet ball, and now triathlons (http://athletewithstent.com). In addition to sports I was lucky enough to embrace non-sporting hobbies, including photography, the flute, French literature, and mathematics, each one of which I approach somewhat obsessively, moving on when I sensed that no further progress was possible. I have enjoyed (most of the time) three marriages, and I have three lovely sons and six grandchildren. I also undertook a wonderful forty-year science career, with a period as a world expert (overrated as a way of life), and now I am entering a whole new phase of life in online marketing, working to sell my athletic experience as ‘FitOldDog’ at Old Dogs in Training LLC in order to finance my future varied, dynamic, exciting and generous existence for as long as I am physically and mentally able. My ‘unique selling point’ (USP) for this nascent business is my knowledge of the study of body awareness, including Feldenkrais, a remarkable discipline.

Most important of all, I have no regrets. I cannot imagine a worse fate than dying with regrets about things undone.

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