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Senior Correspondent

Retirees can benefit by “staying connected.” Without question, good things happen when we stay in touch. For example, a handful of us blog on the subject of active, adventurous retirement. And because we do, from time to time, we receive a very pleasant surprise. For example…

A couple of months ago, I received a call from a writer who was doing a story for publication in Alaska Airlines’ In-Flight magazine. The writer told me that his story was about people who retire to do something “outside the box.” During our brief chat, he seemed most interested in the fact that my wife, Wendy, and I had, upon retirement, sold our home, put everything we owned in storage, and moved to the Peruvian Andes to work voluntarily. So the writer and I made an appointment for a more lengthy telephone interview a couple of weeks later. During the lengthier interview, we discussed our living in Peru and the volunteer work we’d done there. We also talked about the adventurous aspect of living in a small Andean community. Then we waited…

A couple of days ago, a friend of ours called to tell us that she read the resultant article while seated on an Alaska Airlines flight. Excitedly, she told Wendy, “I opened the magazine to find you and Bill looking back at me from an Inca ruin in the Andes!”

In yesterday’s mail, we received our copy of the January 2012 issue of the magazine. Turning to page 74, we discovered the well-written article, “Reinventing Retirement.” I was delighted to discover that the article includes a nice photo of Wendy and me. And a mention of my new book, “A Lifetime of Small Adventures.”

Here, take a look…Here’s a digital copy of the in-flight magazine…

http://alaskaairlines.journalgraphicsdigital.com/jan12/ (Please see page 74.)

How and why did this article happen? It happened because I stayed in touch. Through my blog, I simply remained available to the writer of the article. Had I not created and maintained the blog, the article never would have happened. The lesson in all of this — if you stay in touch and remain visible, good things can (and will) happen.

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