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Senior Correspondent

This is a Post Script for the last blog we wrote on South Andros. That one, on Oct. 9th chronicled my adventure in the “bush” with new friend RB. What I brought out with me was a walking stick that looked what I imagined was a fossilized chickcharnie.

What I didn’t tell you, was I selected this stick up from a pile of three similar sticks. I’m afraid I may have upset a burial ground of chickcharnie and I was paid back. Because what I didn’t know, was that I also brought back was a case of poisonwood.

No, not a case of Bahamian beer, but an urushiol induced dermatitis, the same toxin found in poison ivy or sumac. RB and I really thought we had escaped even though we knew there were poisonwood trees in the bush were we were walking.

My rash didn’t begin to appear until Ed and I were back in North Carolina. Two nights and days of terrible itching, I discovered Zanfel.I’ve had lots of well-intended suggestions from friends on how to reduce the itching, but I will swear by this expensive, but effective product. It’s one that can be used even after the rash appears. So that’s my follow-up. Ed has a follow-up story as well.

Ed: If you read the blog from Oct. 9. You know that I went to the police to report Jan and RB missing. Once they did make their way back, we drove back to the police station to tell them they were okay. But that was not the end of it. The next evening the police came to the South Andros Beach Club where we were staying to see if indeed all was well. I think they were concerned that I had “let Jan go into the bush with a friend we had just met the day before.” In truth, RB was asleep in his room and Jan and I were in our room and none of us knew they even arrived

Jesse, owner of the Beach Club assured them we were safe and sound and no one had regrets about the adventure-well, at least not yet. This was before Jan or RB knew they would suffer from upsetting the chickcharnie.

Jan and Ed.

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