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Senior Correspondent

According to the President he couldn't be more proud of the job Susan Rice has done and isn't particularly concerned that the information she gave the American people about Benghazi wasn't accurate.  Wow.  What contempt toward the American people!

Would it help if the indignant Senators would ask the right questions?  It would make me feel better if they would but for some reason they are not.  Just what might those questions be?

Well, first let's get off Susan Rice. The President has already said she had nothing to do with Benghazi.  She was given the job of whitewashing what happened and did it willingly. So let's accept that and forget her for the moment. 

The President also suggested if they wanted to go after someone, go after him.  Why aren't they?  Let's assume all the precautions were in place.  We've been told about the procedures in place if such an occasion should arise and that the necessary assets were indeed in place just waiting for the order to go.  Why wasn't it given?  That's the question.  Why were four Americans left to die when it quite probably could have been prevented? Someone knows.  Susan Rice probably doesn't.

Yes, answers need to be given as to why security wasn't enhanced when asked for, especially after previous attacks.  Susan Rice doesn't have them.

Who changed the wording in the talking points?  As recently as yesterday the CIA and FBI were still playing hot potato with that one.  Susan Rice may not have known that either but someone does.

Hillary wasn't around. By the way, where is she?  She has some things to answer for herself yet she's been given a pass so far.  Why? Does Susan Rice know? Probably not for sure, but someone does.

In other words, the Senators seem to think Susan Rice is all knowing and just isn't talking. I contend she isn't all knowing and if I were her I'd be angry with myself for allowing myself to be so used. The person who is and who can and should answer the questions is the President and he's not talking either. 

Why?  If he's trying to bolster the contention that al Qaeda is decimated and on the run he needn't bother, we know better.  Is he delusional?  Possible, but I think more likely he's found himself in an unanticipated and embarrassing situation and feels if he stonewalls long enough, maybe with  an occasional admonishing finger to divert attention, it will all go away.

I suspect he's right. The media has no more taste for it than he does and will leave well enough alone.  The four grieving families, however, who still have no concrete answers deserve much more.  His attitude toward the entire incident oozes contempt toward them as well as us.  I'm betting the military and the intelligence services and our allies are feeling a bit of it themselves.

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