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Senior Correspondent

About to begin an adventurous trip, one would likely feel a sense of adventure. You’d think so, wouldn’t you? As for me, some weeks before beginning any adventure, I generally feel such sense of adventure. But this time I don’t yet feel it.  Oh sure, intellectually I know that next Saturday morning, road conditions permitting, we’ll begin our long road trip from Central Oregon to South Florida. But while I know it intellectually, I don’t yet feel it emotionally. And I’m not sure why.

Wendy and I have been diligently preparing for our up-coming road trip. We’ve asked our friend Dan to pick up our mail and water our plants while we’re away. We’ve made advanced payments to our utility companies. We’ve called our family and friends to tell them we’re coming for a visit. And we’ve packed our little travel trailer with food, clothing, photography equipment and hiking gear.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve been keeping an eye on road conditions south on Highway 97. As that highway can remain icy well into April, our departure from Central Oregon is dependent on that road’s condition. More than once, we’ve had a difficult drive south on packed snow and ice.

And aside from trip preparations, we’ve also been busy with a bunch of other stuff. Mid-day today, I’ve got an appointment with the dentist. And this evening, I’ll be doing a presentation for the Central Oregon Writers’ Guild. Tomorrow afternoon (the day before we leave on our trip), I have an appointment with the doctor in Bend (Oregon). Following that appointment, I’ll return home for the last-minute packing of the truck and travel trailer.

We’ve both (though Wendy has especially) been busy with volunteer work. This past weekend, I prepared a lesson plan for our ESL (English as a Second Language) class. And I taught that lesson on Monday evening. Wendy has been busy, as usual, with her work for the Hispanic Coalition of Sisters. 

Hey, maybe that’s it. Maybe we’ve been so busy with the doing that we (or at least, I) haven’t had time for the feeling. I wonder if I’ll finally feel that sense of adventure when I go to sleep Friday night. And lie there in bed anticipating driving away that very next morning. Or maybe I’ll finally feel that sense of adventure on Saturday morning when we actually drive away in the truck with the little travel trailer in tow. I’m not sure, but we’ll see. And I’ll let you know. I’ll write from somewhere on the road. 

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