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Senior Correspondent

I've got to hand it to the Israelis. They've surely come up with a way to make the mandatory military service seem bearable even though shells and rockets from less than friendly neighbors are a constant companion!

They've chosen Bar Refaeli, a former Sports Illustrated swim suit model to be the face of a military public relations campaign. Strange. It's not the vision of women in the military I usually harbor! It's akin to using Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, as a recruiting tool for our military. She's nothing like the grim faced Uncle Sam with his finger in your face telling you it's you he wants.

Not everyone is pleased, however. It seems the lady married a friend for a brief period to side step her own military service and she is  considered a bad example for the potential enlistees at whom the campaign is aimed. Like there's something better to do with your life maybe?

I'm wondering if they might be looking at the wrong thing about which to complain. Most of their enemies are Islamists and you all know how they feel about women. Especially women unveiled. Will this inflame their already hostile attitudes or stop them dead in their tracks?

This may just be the most useful thing in the world to bring war to a screeching halt. The army with the super model leading the charge, not in military uniform, but in her modeling 'uniform' might be just enough to bring the savage gun bearing beasts to their senses. This is what they're fighting for, not some dusty, forsaken chunk of land in the middle of no where.

This should satisfy all who think women won't be able to carry their weight in combat. They won't have to. The beasties will be fighting each other for the privilege of (ahem) bringing up the rear. It could reduce itself to nothing more a grand bar brawl while the ladies sip their Chablis on the sidelines.

My conclusions on this are still out. It could be absolutely brilliant, incredibly stupid or sexist. The only thing missing is race and I'm sure that too can be accommodated. Go for it ladies.

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