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Senior Correspondent

During our current driving trip across the country, I had gone about three weeks without Internet connection. So while the trip has, thus far, been loads of fun, I’ve longed to get back on line. Clearly, I’ve neglected my blog. And I’m concerned about the possibility that some note in my in-box might remind me to pay one bill or another. Also, I feel out of touch with both world and national news. And out of touch with my friends.

While I’ve been driving the truck, Wendy has been using her new iPhone. So she’s able to sit in the passenger seat and connect with “the whole world.” I’m actually envious of her near constant connection with her friends. I, of course, am traveling with my now-ancient flip phone. Yes, I make an occasional call to a friend, but that’s about it.

While staying in a campground in Carencro, Louisiana, I figured I’d take advantage of their advertised WiFi connection. But, as it turned out, that connection was so terribly slow that it was impractical to use at all. So I gave up and inquired at the public library in Lafayette, Louisiana. Yes, the library did offer free Internet connection, but — well, you know how it goes — we were in Southern Louisiana to learn of the Cajun culture, to eat Cajun food and listen to Cajun music. So I wasn’t about to leave Wendy to venture out and do all of that alone. So I turned down the deal at the library and drove to the nearby Cajun Cultural Center. No on-line connection for yet another day. Oh well.

I had figured that, once arriving at my brother’s house in South Florida, I’d have immediate Internet connection. Well, we arrived here two days ago only to find that his WiFi modem wasn’t working. So, here too, I was without Internet connection. The Internet provider (which leases the modem to my brother) promised they’d send a technician to correct the problem. OK, I’d wait another day for Internet connection. No choice, right?

OK, so I got busy working on some projects that didn’t require Internet connection. Like writing a first draft of this blog post. And figuring out how to download photos from my new digital camera. And making a couple of low technology phone calls. And getting the oil changed in the truck. And getting a haircut.

I also made a list of the people and places we’ve visited during the first three and a half weeks of our two month road trip — in anticipation of blogging about those visits and up-loading photos to accompany those blog posts. OK, so here’s the list of those people and places…

  • Our hike near Prescott, Arizona with friends Ingrid and Richard
  • Our visit to the historic King Mine in Jerome, Arizona, also with Ingrid and Richard
  • Our visits in Phoenix, Arizona with friends including Bob and Betty Lowry — by the way, check out Bob’s excellent Satisfying Retirement blog.
  • Camping and hiking in the desert near Tucson, Arizona
  • Our visit to Austin, Texas
  • Camping and hiking in Big Bend National Park in Texas
  • Our visit to Fredericksburg, Texas
  • Our visit to Cajun Country — Carencro, Lafayette and Bruix Breau, Louisiana
  • Traveling and camping in the Florida Panhandle and in Central Florida

Since you’re reading this post, you know that, one way or another, I finally got aboard the Internet. In fact, I did so without actually visiting a Starbucks. I got on line thanks to Wendy’s iPhone. Seems that her iPhone has the capability of functioning as a WiFi hotspot. So we visited the local (local if you happen to live in Boynton Beach, Florida) Verizon store and signed up for that added service. And it’s a pretty good deal. $20 per month and you can initiate and discontinue the service any time you want with a phone call to the Verizon folk. Pretty good for traveling.

OK, I’ll sign off now. And I’ll work on downloading photos. And I’ll get the oil changed in the truck. On my next post, I’ll try including a photo or two. See ya, Bill

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