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Senior Correspondent

You've undoubtedly heard that CNN has brought in new brass in an effort to improve it's ratings. Once the premier cable network, they've been over shadowed by FOX for some time now. Maybe if you took the best from each you could put together a decent news outlet but they just can't seem to let go of the entertainment side of programming.

The problem is it gets so intertwined it's hard to tell what to take seriously and what is mere fluff. Take for instance Anderson Cooper. I'll put aside that his stammering drives me nuts but his delivery isn't the only one that bothers me. So does Greta's. I get to the point I want to drag the words out of her, but I digress.

Back to Anderson. He's done some pretty good reporting over time and I do believe he takes his job seriously. His recent venture into a talk show format hasn't gone too well. It's being canceled. But still he is a star at CNN so it figures they would want to exploit his popularity such as it is.

Enter Kathy Griffith. Those of you who stay up for the New Years festivities in Times Square and choose to watch them on CNN know her. She's the vulgar, over the top red head who co-hosts with Cooper. She entertains him. If you watch them you've seen how outrageously disgusting she can allowably be while he doubles over in fits of giggles.

Once again I realize I am no longer mainstream when it comes to appreciating this kind of humor. See, I don't consider it humor at all. But I must be in the minority or why else would the powers that be have had Griffith and Cooper shoot a pilot for CNN? They're looking for ratings and these two have it, whatever it is these days. Trying to undress in public, trying to undress your co-host, kissing and making fun of his privates? Will it really raise their ratings? I don't think that's what Griffith had in mind.

They just don't understand it as related to the world of entertainment. That belongs to Clara Bow, another red head, who actually lit up the screen with talent. You see when you have talent you don't have to stoop to insulting vulgarity.

Bow personified the twenties and will long be remembered. Griffin? Who? From one New Years to the next she's easily forgotten. CNN should leave it that way. They'd do better having marathons of Clara Bow movies.

As for Anderson Cooper, what can I say? I can't stand men who giggle!

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