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Senior Correspondent

For ten years now, I’ve studied women and money … and how they interact with one another.

I’ve watched, interviewed and coached women around their money. And I was recently asked to come up with a list of the ten things that most upset me about how women deal with their money … things that I have a solution for.

Here they are … in no particular order:

  1. Women who jump into an entrepreneurial venture before they have clarity of what they need financially, how to get it and how to measure if they’re succeeding or not.
  2. Women who make really good money, blow it because they’re clueless (or in denial) about how money works and then complain that they’re terrified about retirement.
  3. Women who use credit cards like they’re real money, then find themselves mired in debt and facing disastrous choices (foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc.)
  4. Women who think they are entitled to a certain lifestyle, but never equate it with the personal responsibility that comes with affording it.
  5. Women who complain about others who have money … who think money is dirty … and who play the victim.
  6. Women who are afraid to do things differently, staying stuck in “this is how we always did it,” especially when that way is disempowering.
  7. Women who assume they are somehow second class citizens and don’t deserve to earn what men earn … or to thrive like men thrive.
  8. Women who let their husbands handle the money because “it’s a man’s job” and then are devastated when something happens.
  9. Women who assume a coach of some kind is going to find what motivates them and lead them to a million dollars … taking no personal responsibility for the process.
  10. Women who put themselves last on the list after their husbands, children and other family members; not only do they never nurture themselves, they never make any arrangements to be financially secure.


And then I have a BONUS: Here’s one that shouldn’t even exist any longer … but that does:

       11.  Women who think Prince Charming is still going to come along and save them.

As you look at this list, can you think of anyone who falls under any of the descriptions? If you can, what if you pulled that person aside and gently tried to point out the dangers of that thinking?

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