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Senior Correspondent

When I first saw the story about this little tea pot I thought poor J.C. Penney, they can't get a break.

First they fire their CEO because of dwindling sales and stagnant merchandise. They hire a new man who brings out one of the most outstanding sales flyers I've ever seen only to find their customer base is as stagnant as their merchandise and had no taste for one set of prices and a bit of flair.

So they bring back the former CEO, the old advertising, the old sales and maybe the old merchandise. This tea pot with it's sleek lines and ergonomic handle may be the exception. At least until it was placed in a bill board ad and people driving by saw everything but a tea pot. They saw Hitler! The bill board has been taken down. Pity. I think it's a neat pot. If I can find one I just may have to buy it to set next to my copy of Little Black Sambo.

Then I got to thinking how timely it would have been a couple of years ago when the tea party was first getting it's footing and all those against their desire for fiscal responsibility and small government were trying to demonize them any way they could! What more could they want than a tea pot that looks like Hitler!

The IRS wouldn't have had to go after conservative organizations with tea party or patriot  in their names, they'd just have had to look at the pot as proof that all things related to tea represented evil.

What else can we read into it. The bell — the tea partiers are a bunch of ding dongs? The body of the pot looks a bit like a helmet which could represent war — the war they were waging on said big government and fiscal irresponsibility. And the black stripe in the center — it's really a highlight I believe but for the sake of speculation let's say it's an "I" representing the individuals that banded together to make the tea party a force with which to be reckoned, at least for a while. Man, it's an ad man's dream!

After I wrap this up I think I'll go into the kitchen and start looking at all my appliances and utensils to see how much of the political spectrum I can find.

To Michael Graves Design, I think it's great. To those of you who saw evil and complained enough to have the ad removed, get a life. To J.C. Penney, put the ad back and replace the words 'bells' and 'whistles' with 'catcalls' and 'hisses'.

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