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Senior Correspondent

Is Our Choice Between Two Crooked Candidates?

Is Our Choice Between Two Crooked Candidates?


Among the drumbeats that keep pounding away at the American electorate is the demoralizing suggestion that we are stuck with a sour choice between two prevaricating and despised candidates for president. The only real option is said to be between what is bad and what is worse. Many people are considering voting for one—a bad option—so that the other one—a worse option—is not elected.
My position has been clear. Trump is probably the most unworthy candidate ever to be nominated by a major political party. His election would not only be tragic, but would also serve as evidence of an emotional and intellectual disease deeply embedded in the American psyche.
Joe Scarborough was a four-time elected Republican congressman, and currently is a political commentator for NBC. He is certainly no wild-eyed leftist, and after Trump’s suggestion that people with guns should solve the Hillary problem, here is how he put it in the Washington Post:

  1. “The Secret Service should interview Donald Trump and ask him to explain his threatening comments.
  2. Paul Ryan and every Republican leader should denounce in the strongest terms their GOP nominee suggesting conservatives could find the Supreme Court more favorable to their desires if his political rival was assassinated.
  3. Paul Ryan and every Republican leader should revoke their endorsement of Donald Trump. At this point, what else could Trump do that would be worse than implying the positive impact of a political assassination?
  4. The Republican Party needs to start examining quickly their options for removing the Republican nominee.

A bloody line has been crossed that cannot be ignored. At long last, Donald Trump has left the Republican Party few options but to act decisively and get this political train wreck off the tracks before something terrible happens.”

As for Hillary Clinton, she has been trusted as First Lady of the United States; trusted by the people of New York who twice elected her to the Senate; and trusted even by Barak Obama, who selected her to be his secretary of state. In that demanding job she has traveled throughout a dangerous world and has been consistently trusted.
So how is it now, according to many accounts, Hillary cannot be trusted and is incapable of telling the truth? From Travelgate, the death of Vince Foster, the Whitewater episode, the Benghazi tragedy, to the email debacle, Hillary has been accused of being duplicitous. Every one of these occurrences has been thoroughly investigated, and little has been found. Now the Republican opposition, which is intent on destroying her, has been reduced to finding some tangential email connection between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Having no real issues, they continue to probe the one area that has proved productive for them—emails!

For 25 years her right-wing adversaries have kept the drumbeat going. She has occasionally been circuitous and has sometimes muddied issues about which she should have been clearer, but long ago she admitted that using one server for public and private mail was a bad mistake. However, many Americans, including some progressives, believe her to be untrustworthy because that accusation has been and is still continually repeated. They may not repeat the scurrilous mantra of “crooked Hillary,” but they’ve been infected by it. When you hear something often enough—as every advertiser knows—you are tempted to buy it.
Too many people I know tell me they will vote for her realizing that she has a very unsavory history. I have disagreed with her over her too-hawkish behavior and her refusal to hear the cries of the Palestinians, but on major issue after issue she is solidly in line with the best progressive thinking, and given a Congress that decides to cooperate instead of block, she will lead this nation in dealing responsibly and creatively with a score of domestic and international quagmires.
We have rarely had a candidate with the wide-ranging experience and the intellectual depth that we find in Hillary. The Democratic Party, including the great preponderance of those in the Bernie wing, is solidly behind her. She is not the lesser of two evils, and progressives need to quit thinking and saying that we are stuck with a candidate who cannot tell the truth.
Hillary has the qualifications to be America’s Chief Executive!

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