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Senior Correspondent

Christmas is the season of giving and receiving gifts. As I searched for the perfect gift for family and friends, I found myself shopping like it was my job. After all, I reasoned, I need to do my part to contribute to the economy. Apparently I was not alone in my commitment to do whatever it takes to push, pull or spend our economy into a better place. 
As the holidays roll around, we begin to ask ourselves how to make the new year better than the old year. It is apparently human nature to make resolutions and plans to make our lives better. The new year is a perfect time to take stock of what went well and what didn't go so well. We resolve to continue doing the things that worked, stop doing the things that didn't, and to begin taking some fresh actions to lead ourselves in a better direction. 
Each coach at The Quality Coach! goes through a process of planning our “best year yet.” We walk our talk, as we purposefully prepare for the next year to be our best year. This exercise provides both personal and professional benefits, and also helps us to become better coaches for clients who engage us to help them make business and professional improvements.
As I took myself through this year end process, I noted several things that I need to stop doing so as to make that attention and energy available for more productive activities.
Top of the list for me was to mind my own business. As I write this, I am imagining a loud “DUH” coming from those of you who know me all too well. Alrighty, then.
This profound revelation dawned on me at 3:15 a.m. on a long, freezing night when sleep would not come. What was the problem, you ask? It started out innocently enough, with me just processing the day's events. One stray thought led to another and another, and the next thing I knew I was in a full-blown stew. And what was the stewing all about? After hour four, it occurred to me that I was obsessing about something that was completely out of my control, and frankly not my business. Concluding that allowed me to relax and get a few winks. 
As I reflected on that experience, I realized just how easy it is for me to get caught up in situations and circumstances that are well out of my control.
Deciding to make only one new year's resolution for 2017, I shall pay attention to my attention. And, when it wanders into something that is not my business, I am going to remind myself of that immediately, by just saying "not my job." 
As I vow to keep my single new year's resolution, I expect to receive a great gift. I expect to free up time and energy to do the many things that truly "are my job." Resolving to give myself the gift of more time and energy seems like a great step in assuring that 2017 will become my best year yet. 

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