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Senior Correspondent

Lew Gottfried


Lew Gottfried is a published author and retired Peace Corps volunteer. As a Navy veteran, he served on a destroyer in the Pacific surviving attacks from Kamikaze pilots. Lew has also enjoyed his time dairy farming, training dogs, being a youth exchange host, a AAA tour guide and softball pitcher. He now resides with his wife, Fran at Fairhaven in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

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Life Is a Wonderful Journey

We find hardships and joys in things we do and say
Life is a miracle, a wonderful journey every day
It is easy to understand our life is so magnificent
But what about Alzheimer's patients with minds deficient
For at one time they were the same as we today are
Now find their mind short-circuited with a scare
Can we ever hear them say
Life is a wonderful journey every day
The joy of today they will remember not
It is just another joy to be forgot
But the rising sun tomorrow will bring more
There will be many precious moments in store
So it makes no difference if today's joys are gone
For tomorrow can be a repeat of this same song
If we take time for their tired mind to understand
We will know that every moment can be grand
With an understanding smile or a touch of our hand
When we see them smile
We know it is worthwhile
For at the end of the day
They can silently say
Life is a wonderful journey every day

How to Retire

Learn to say no
You have been on the go
Learn to say no
Just go with the flow
Learn to say no
Now you need to go slow
But that is not the right way to retire
Now is time to set the world on fire
You cannot sleep, too many things on your mind
There are too many opportunities for you to find
The more things you find to be done
The more you will keep having fun
Volunteer, it gives satisfaction and cheer
Needing your help are, Hospice, the Hospital, the School
The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Service clubs and church
Many worthy organizations found with little search
Do not forget all the fun things
Retirement brings
Sit in the sun, sit in the shade
Join a parade
Catch a croaking leap frog
Train a dog
Be dignified, play new games
Act insane
Listen of the pain others tell
Ring a bell
Push a wheel chair somewhere
Comb someone's hair
Do something worth while
Then smile
Look high to watch geese fly
Eat shoo-fly pie
Watch the sun rise, see it set
Get your feet wet
Give neighbors and friends hugs
Collect coffee mugs
Write to someone you recently met
On the internet
Take a peek inside the fridge
Treat the kids
Whenever you have a chance
Reminisce and dance
Munch on a chocolate candy bar
Drive a new car
Enter any kind of contest
Do your best
Think of nice things to say
Always pray
Vanish away your troubles
In soap bubbles
Take a group to the zoo
Buy peanuts too
Play golf on a new course
Ride a horse
Take a long winter cruise
A short snooze
Throw stones at a wild bear
Then hide somewhere
Stash lots of money away
Spend it today
All these things I did not do,
But give me time, I am only 82

Captain of My Ship

Captain of My Ship

I am the captain of my ship
Propelling it furiously on the move
When finished, there is waiting another trip
Ticking moments tell there is no time to lose
There is much more to see than the sea
Dolphins join to dance along
Whales bellow their own little song
As the captain I am in command of my ship
I alone can find the infallible land
I am always eager to guide my ship
There is no journey worthy to skip
Like the hungry lion eyeing the deer
Every trip is an exciting anticipation
When my ship runs out of power
It will be the anticipated hour
The new captain will have full control
For Jesus knows the way
To guide me safely
The rest of the way

Kim Was an Angel

Kim Yingling, the apple of mother's eye when 5 years old
Mother dressed Kim in Sunday best, did not do as told
Kim went out in back yard, got her hands covered with mud
To avoid a scolding, she must clean her hands if she could
She saw her neighbors sun tea brewing in the sun
Seeing no other water, it was time for the cleaning to begin
Splashed her hands in the tea to clean her dirty skin
From a window, the neighbors seen their tea disturbed
Being good friends, the neighbors never said a word
The next morning a special moment came for Kim to see
For the neighbors invited Kim and her mother over for tea

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