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Senior Correspondent

Today I Made My Maiden Voyage for 2012 for Running (Monday, Jan. 2)

Today was another April-like day with temperatures peaking in the low 50s (Fahrenheit). When I ran in mid-afternoon, the temperature was 49 degrees. A beautiful, blue sky with white clouds and lots of sun. In my 60-minute rest run I ran 3.25 miles, running for 3 minutes at a time and walking for 40 seconds. During the first two cycles of running and walking, I ran about 20 seconds less and walked for 20 seconds more than the cycle given above. However, once my body was warmed up, I ran and walked as described above. After I finished my 60 minutes, I walked for about 1/4 mile to cool down, and I did my usual stretches after a run.

I saw two horses on the Parkway path. I occasionally see horses, but not very often.

Tired Legs Took Me for a Rest Run (Wednesday, Jan. 4)

I could tell as soon as I started running that my legs were tired. I ran/walked for 30 minutes and then turned around, doing 3.15 miles in the 60 minutes. In the beginning I ran my 3-minute phase and walked my 40-second phase, but I soon started doing more walking and less running. I ended up running for a minute and walking for a minute. With 0.7 miles to go, I took a rest stop for a couple of minutes (stopping my GPS so that time wouldn't be included in my 60 minutes.

I've been thinking about this warm weather we're having. If it keeps up much longer, I'll have to stop telling people I'm from Utah and tell them I'm from Georgia or somewhere in the south. The temperature during my run today was in the low 50s (Fahrenheit), lots of sun, and no wind. Everything was perfect for a great run except my tired legs.

No Running This Week (Monday, Jan. 9)

This morning I had surgery for a basal cell skin cancer on my lip. The cancer didn't go below the skin and get into the muscle, but it was wide and covered some of my cheek. The doctor said not to run this week, but that I can walk slow such that my pulse rate doesn't go up much. He is worried about the stitches breaking through the skin, allowing bleeding to occur. My blood pressure before the surgery was 117/68 and after 168/92. Tonight my blood pressure was 132/73. If I do any walking this week, I'll report that in this blog. I feel pretty good, and I'm heading to bed.

Small Amounts of Walking This Week (Wednesday, Jan. 11)

On Tuesday morning, my blood pressure was normal, but it was slightly high Tuesday evening (132/68). On Tuesday afternoon, my wife and I walked around the block (20 minutes) and enjoyed the April weather. It is going to be colder for the rest of the week (right now it is 33 degrees Fahrenheit. We will be taking another short walk later this afternoon. My blood pressure was normal this morning (114/68).

Later: My wife and I walked in our neighborhood for 20 minutes. Temperature was 32, and a light wind was blowing. I'm walking pretty slow to avoid increasing my breathing rate.

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