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Senior Correspondent

As we sat around the television watching the election returns come in, I wondered if the citizens of our amazing Country would ever be able to find an acre or two of common ground.  And, if so, where might that little plot be? 

Then it dawned on me that a large percentage of Americans must share the relief I feel that this election season is finally over.  And perhaps we share in the hope that our leaders might now place their attention on working together to solve the long list of problems we face in this Country.    

It has been such a long, negative election season.  We have been subjected to toxic doses of fear and blame coming to and through us in the form of campaign messages.  It seems that several high profile campaigns had so much money they had to find markets to dump it all, in the end.  I so wished that the money being spent on the collective campaigns across the country could be applied toward the national debt, or to help those in the military who have served selflessly no matter what their political convictions, or to help solve other shared problems.

I wished for a real leader.  The kind of leader who could own up to making a few mistakes along the way; the kind of leader who makes decisions strictly by what they believe to be in the best interest of the citizens they represent, not just their special interest groups.  The kind of leader who practices personal accountability, instead of looking to assign blame.  I found myself feeling especially sad for our country this year.  I understand that all this negativity is not new, that it actually goes way back to the days of George Washington.  So, what's my point?  Should I just suck it up and stop whining? 

As I worked my way through all of this wishing and hoping, I realized that I had fallen into the trap of looking for leadership in all the wrong places.  It's crazy.  I know better.  I do. 

After all, The Quality Coach!® exists to help individuals, organizations, and communities tap into leadership potential at all levels.  We believe there is a time and place for everyone to step up and offer their insights and expertise to help solve problems, resolve conflicts and make others' lives just a little bit better.

I was blessed with a wonderful example of my kind of leader this past week-end.  I was privileged to serve as a volunteer on behalf of Emmaus Homes at their annualTaste of Homes Cooking Show. This event was a huge success by all counts, generating community awareness about the Emmaus' mission and some much needed dollars. 

It all started with a great idea brought forward by Dennis Kramme, an employee of Emmaus Homes.  Dennis shared his idea with others at Emmaus Homes and with folks in the community. He stepped into a major leadership role from day one, sharing his vision for this event with everyone he came in contact with.  His enthusiasm and passion spread like crazy as volunteers stepped up offering their expertise and volunteer hours.

Following Dennis' leadership on this project reminded me that our country is full of talented citizens who don't wait for permission, or to be asked, or to be elected.  Instead they step up, pull resources together, using precious time, money, and energy wisely.  They make themselves personally accountable to solve problems and make others' lives better.

After a day of feasting on Dennis'abundant energy and enthusiasm, I felt renewed and hopeful, once again.  Thank you, Dennis, and thank you Taste of Homes Volunteers. We live and give in our respective communities.  Our communities provide each one of us with the perfect opportunity to step up our leadership.

 "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."  John F. Kennedy

 Your Coaching Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept It:

Do you see problems in your workplace, church or community?  Are you waiting for someone to step up?  Might that person be you?  


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