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Senior Correspondent

You may remember a 1960's TV show called That Was The Week That Was. The program started on the BBC in England in 1962 as a satirical look at the previous week's news hosted by David Frost. An American version lasted for two seasons on NBC. This was the forerunner of shows like Saturday Night Live. It poked fun, gentle and otherwise, at people, policies, and general stupidity. It was kind of like a more sophisticated version of Mad Magazine or Laugh In.


My weekly life wouldn't really qualify for an hour of network TV. There is quite an interest, however, in how retired folks spend their time. A few previous posts have generated lots of comments. So, I thought I'd track a week of my satisfying retirement to give you some idea of where my time goes.

I've left out most of the mundane activities of living since they bore even me. With fresh blog posts three times a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) I do spend 2-3 hours per day on writing, editing, proofing, and keeping up with blog issues.

See if my Week That Was resembles yours in any way:

Monday: this is usually my favorite day of the week since everything starts fresh. I start this, and most days, with the laptop answering blog comments, thinning out my e-mail in box, deleting spam, checking news headlines and the weather.

Now that it is cooler, a walk with Bailey, our cocker spaniel, often takes place sometime after breakfast. Then, back to the computer for more blogging and other office work.

This is the day I often have lunch with my father. That means wearing something nicer than my normal jeans and old T-shirt. He insists on eating right at 11:00 AM when the dining room opens, so by 10:30 Betty and I are on the road for the 30 minute drive to his apartment.

Upon our return it is my daily nap time, followed by chores around the house, more office work, and a trip to the gym. By mid afternoon I can usually find some time to read a book for pleasure. I also do my personal Bible reading everyday just before dinner time.

This is the night Bailey has dog training class so we eat an early dinner before the 7 O'Clock class begins.

Relaxing with a movie or old TV show on Netflix happens most evenings, followed by nightly guitar practice and then reading before bedtime.

Lights out no later than 10:15 PM.

Tuesday: Betty has Bible study at church so I have all morning to play with the dog, work on the blog and computer and run errands. I will readily admit my Tai Chi is rather infrequent, but this day, as well as Friday, seem to work best.

A trip to the library to return or pick up books, yard work, and my weekly list of house chores will take some of the afternoon.

I have a men's Bible study in the evening so Betty gets her quiet, private time to work on photo editing or other projects.

Wednesday: Both of us begin with an early Bible discussion group at a friend's house. Today is the day we finalize the menu and food shopping list.

This is the day for my guitar lesson.

I have a once a week ham radio net in the evening. A group of fellow hams meet on the radio to answer trivia questions about 1960's music and TV shows. Since I earned my living playing that music, the other fellows ask that I go last since I rarely miss a song title or group name.

Thursday: Once a month I have a trip to a state prison with some other volunteers from the prison ministry organization I work with. On those days I leave the house at 6:00 AM and return around 7:00 PM.

Two other Thursdays per month Betty and I attend a small group meeting in the evening.

This is also the day we do our weekly food shopping, usually together unless I am on the prison trip.

Time for computer work, reading, guitar practice, and house chores is often non-existent today.

Friday: This day is often free of other commitments, so I tend to work on the blog, tackle weekend house chores, run errands as needed, read, and write.

Evenings are spent with a movie and popcorn.

Saturday & Sunday: A list of house and yard chores, shopping, and laundry are typical. Saturday afternoon might be spent at a movie or a local festival or event. Saturday is normally when we see the grandkids and family.

Sunday is my day to stay away from the computer as much as possible. We spend almost 4 hours at church in the morning and then have personal projects, watching football, or planning our next RV trip. If there is any maintenance or cleaning of the RV that should be done, today is the day.

Evenings are family time with Netflix and reviewing our schedule for the upcoming week.

Of course, add in all the normal things folks do like haircuts, doctor and dentist appointments, taking out the trash, making the bed, emptying the dishwasher, going to the bank, playing with Bailey, and days seem to just disappear.

Even with 168 hours a week, there never seems to be enough time to:

  • go to the gym on a consistent basis
  • simply relax in our backyard
  • keep the house as organized and decluttered as we prefer.


Oh well, I'm sure I'm not alone with this problem.

So, there is my week. What about you? Fully, or partly retired, what do you do with your time? How do you squeeze it all in?

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