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Senior Correspondent

Blogger friend Suzanne recently completed a great-sounding vacation trip with husband Malcolm that included a ride on the Amtrak Zephyr from the Bay area to Chicago. As a lover of train travel, I enjoyed her posts about this trip. If you missed them, here is a great summary post: Planes-Trains-and-Automobiles.

Another couple Betty and I have become good friends with, Mike and Tamara Reddy, just completed a 40 day long RV vacation through the southwest. We got together twice, once near Tucson and then again in Sedona as their route took them close enough to us to make spending time together possible.

Our youngest daughter returned two months ago from a two week vacation in New Zealand. That involved 14 hour flights and the International Date Line, so she one day ahead of us during those two weeks. Dad struggled to figure out what the correct day and time were for her when we wanted to stay in touch.

Betty and I have flown many times to Hawaii. We have taken long flights to England and Italy. We have been on a cruise.

Our "drive till we drop" driving trip through the west put 5,000 miles on our car. We have taken Amtrak to San Antonio. And now, we are jumping into RV travel with both feet. These examples point to the variety of ways we decide to take a break from the routine.

I know some folks wonder why retired people take vacations – isn't every day a vacation? Well, no. Obligations, schedules, chores, and routine are a part of retirement too. A break is needed.

So, my question for you, is how do you prefer to travel? If given the choice do you fly, drive, take a train or bus, motorcycle (this is for you, Chuck), head down the road in an RV, or maybe bike or hike to your destination? Why do you prefer that mode of transportation?

What travel choices do you avoid like the plague? Betty and I fly only when we must, either because there is an ocean in the way or time issues. Maybe it is because I flew over 1.5 million miles while working, or maybe it is because airline travel has become stressful and unattractive to us, but flying is my last choice. What about you?  I know folks who dislike driving: time spent on the road is not time at their final destination.

Let's compare vacation travel likes and dislikes. After all, it is the season.

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