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Senior Correspondent

I don't think I've ever been witness to anything quite as petty and mean spirited than the cancellation of the White House Tours.

The kids from Iowa have a point. It is our house, not the President's nor the governments. People who are more than able have stepped forward and offered to pay the $17,000 a week it supposedly costs. Donald Trump to name the most prominent — and the most financially able. So why has the offer not been accepted?

If is truly to 'punish' us, those decision makers should be ashamed of themselves. Okay, maybe the tours aren't "essential" to the running of the government, but they are for the good will of the people.

Let's look at one more ludicrous example of what has been funded. The National Institute of Health has allocated $1.5 million for a five year study to determine why 75% of gay women are obese and men are not. Granted this is a different budget, but consider that it would pay for over 75 weeks of White House Tours.

Yeah, yeah, I know obesity is a huge public health issue. Why else would New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg be trying to fix it single handed? Is it really more important to figure out the trend in Lesbians than the female population as a whole?

Heck, I've studied the issue by going to the grocery store and seeing how many of the female shoppers are obese compared to the males. I guarantee you the women win hands down. Maybe it's because they don't labor as hard as the men, maybe it's because they're exposed to more food with a passel of kids around.

A far as the "minority sexually oriented" group is concerned I find it interesting that among prominent women who I know are gay the only one I know who is obese is Rosie O'Donnell. Jayne Lynch, Suze Orman, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi are anything but.

Then there are the men. Anderson Cooper is slender. Barney Frank isn't quite. Why? It could be physiology I suppose.

There are approximately 4 million in the gay and Lesbian community in a population of nearly 285 million. That's about 1.5%. Is it really worth $1.5 million to study this statistic for a group that is already studied as a part of the whole. Let them be obese first and Lesbian second. Causes can't be that much different unless you want to get into all the mental gobbledy gook that goes with being any type of minority if one is inclined to exploit it.

As far as that goes a ton of money could go into a study of how being denied to their own house affects these students from Iowa along with every other youngster that will be turned away. Or all of us who read about it and shake our heads and wonder what's next. But then I've done some studies on that too. The kids come away with a bad taste in their mouth for government and so do we. There. Problem solved. Where do I send my bill?

Now I'm off to Montana for some rest and recreation. You all can do a study as to why I'm going to buy a fur hat with buffalo horns at the Charles M. Russell Museum Shop. Hint. It has to do with my inner child and an indulgent husband.

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