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Senior Correspondent

What Is Going On? Is This a Trend?

In case you missed it, Early Retirement Tamara has decided to stop blogging. In fact, the one she posted a few days ago is her last. I love her and husband Mike as friends and have been inspired by their approach to retirement. I don't know many who have their physical energy and desire to continually challenge themselves. I will miss reading of their adventures.

Betty and I will join them for a few days in our RVs in Tucson in a few weeks. But reading her blog posts on a regular basis has been fun. I will miss them.

On the same subject, Barb at Living Richly in Retirement is likely to stop blogging about retirement, too. Go to her most recent post and add your thoughts – she is looking for feedback on what to do next.

Dear friend, Galen Pearl, stopped blogging last fall. I still miss her words but have her as a dear friend for life. Another close friend, Barbara Torris, shifted her blog from strictly retirement to more of a lifestyle approach a year ago.

Two years ago Bill Birnbaum exited the retirement blogging field, too, but not before Betty and I had the chance to share time with Bill and wife, Wendy, for a few days at their home in eastern Oregon.

And, I broadened my focus a bit this year to include subjects that aren't so neatly put in a retirement pigeonhole after feeling I had run out of fresh things to say on such a narrow path.

So, I must ask a question: Is retirement a subject that no longer needs to be written about full time? Has retirement changed so much that it no longer makes sense to blog about it exclusively since each of us develop a unique path through this phase of life — in a sense writing our own story each and every day?

Or, are the recent changes in the retirement blogging landscape simply an example of the inevitable life cycle of everything? For a start there will eventually be an end. New retirement bloggers are out there ready to join our lives.

Is retirement no longer a subject worthy of a full time focus? That does seem to be a legitimate question.

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