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Senior Correspondent

When Labor Day arrives, I go into my usual period of mourning that comes on with the end of summer and the arrival of fall. I am a summer freak — I love it. Bring on the heat, humidity, longer days, sandals, Bermuda shorts, family trips, and beach vacations.

I thrive on summer and come to life after surviving long, cold winters and chilly spring days. Some people are the opposite and can’t wait for the colder temps, snow, ice and all the other hazards of winter, but definitely not me. I have tried to rein in my extreme feelings about the change of seasons, but I am not very successful. Putting away sandals and other summer garb can be extremely stressful.

Don’t get me wrong — I love air conditioning and all the modern conveniences that make the seasonal extremes more comfortable. But knowing that it is warm and sunny outside sustains me while I bask in indoor cooling. 

Why do the warmer months fly by with a myriad of activities to keep everyone busy, but bring on winter and the days creep by as we are trapped indoors, iced in by snow and sleet, with events canceled on a regular basis and so little daylight. 

While I truly love the weather and colors of fall, I view them as warnings of what is to come — nasty, nasty winter. Fall days pass too quickly leading up to the dreaded months of cold. 

I have made a resolution this year to try very, very hard to enjoy every day of fall and not even think for one second of what will follow — that’s not going to happen — but I am going to try. 

Friends have told me they feel the same way and are also trying to enjoy autumn’s treasures. Maybe as a group we can overcome the dire anticipation of winter!

Every falling leaf used to bring on a rapid heart rate as I dreaded the bare trees and bleak colors of winter. But I am going to appreciate every colorful flying object that is freed from its branch as it makes its way to the ground.

Who am I kidding — I will probably still dread winter but maybe manage to get through it with hopefully a tiny bit of enthusiasm — ha!  One bright spot is I do enjoy some of the fashions — boots, sweaters, coats — so a few new wardrobe additions might make it just a little better.

This past winter brought a little break. It was the first winter that we were both retired so we could head south to escape the weary winter days. It was amazing. No boots, shovels, gloves, hats, and heavy coats were allowed. Toes were freed from heavy socks and got to relax in airy sandals. It sure didn’t seem like February!

But I was very bad the rest of last winter. I usually walk outside in the warm months and was going to try to bundle up and keep walking — that didn’t work. I really meant to go to the gym, but that didn’t happen either. Maybe this year will be different. (I doubt it.) 

I am not sure why I have such strong feelings about the end of summer. Possibly my heritage dictates some of it. My family on both sides came from the very southern tip of Italy — “the toe of the boot” as my mother would say. The area is very warm with mild winters. I am not sure that has any scientific validity for my extreme dislike of the cold months, but it makes sense to me.

I know there is nothing I can do to stop the onslaught of bitter cold days. I will try to be tolerant and head south to Florida as soon as I can and stay as long as possible!

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