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Senior Correspondent

Springtime announces the seasonal transition from winter to summer! It is a time of elation: the cold gray days of winter are gradually replaced by warm, sunny days of spring; we joyfully shed winter clothing, open our windows to let in the clean, fresh air and once again look forward to the freedom of being outside. Children are excited to again meet with their friends and play games. Who can forget the wonder we feel when seeing the intermittent flashing of the first lightening bugs on a warm, moist evening? 

Spring is a noisy time of year. Rumbling thunderstorms can suddenly occur. In contrast to the threatening roar of the thunder, however, we also hear the lovely, distinct songs of different types of birds as they return to our region. They serenade us with a morning symphony of identifiable mating calls. Later on, they entertain us with their flurry of activity as they gather various types of materials to be used in the construction of architecturally unique nests. Other familiar sounds are also present — the buzz of bees, the high, whining pitch of mosquitos and the lonesome song of the peepers. 

Spring is a time of awakening when plants that were dormant throughout the winter months, suddenly emerge, burst into bloom and delight us with an explosion of color. We eagerly anticipate the first yellow daffodil. Tulips of many different colors appear and the brown grass becomes green again. Gardeners impatiently await their opportunity to reconnect with mother earth. The planted gardens become places of imagination with seemingly unlimited possibilities. Familiar fragrances are everywhere — the scents of the warming, moist earth, rain showers, flower and tree blossoms of many kinds, as well as the aroma of freshly mowed grass.

The arrival of spring rekindles our enthusiasm for participating in a range of outside activities. Some individuals chose to use a part of this season to just rest in a quiet spot and spend their time reflecting on past events or dream of a new beginning. Others actively retrieve the barbecue grill from its winter storage quarters, anticipating the pleasure of planning and enjoying future parties or picnics. The more sports-minded group might go for a bike ride, fly a kite, travel to the beach or attend a baseball game

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