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Senior Correspondent

All of my life I have heard people talk about their "weight" as a topic of constant conversation. In my last post I gave a formula of healthy eating and working that will create beautiful proportions in your body. Now the next step in weight loss is creating a happy and active lifestyle. Most people gain weight because they are not keeping themselves mentally and emotionally happy. Our biggest challenge as a human beings is our belief that we have to be saved by someone else. When we live with this belief, we deny our own personal responsibility to save ourselves. As humans we have a thinking mind, loving emotions, Spirit senses, and a physical body. If we spend all of our thinking time focused on our physical body, we are seriously cheating ourselves of our enjoyment of life and loving ourselves.

Our most important asset is our thinking mind. We should always be exploring new thoughts, thinking about these thoughts, and seeing how they relate to our normal life. It is our thinking mind that gives us access to our loving emotions and Spirit senses. Without this conscious focus on our loving emotions and our Spirit Senses through our thinking mind, we will not be creating wholeness in our internal energy fields. When we do not focus our thinking mind internally on our loving emotions and our Spirit Senses, we focus our thinking mind externally on what someone else can do for us. This is the basis of thinking that "God will save me." That might happen a long ways down the road in our journey of life, but how about the "Now" in our life? Who are we? Why are we on Earth? What does it mean to be human? Why is it important to learn and grow? These are the questions that we must look at if we want to begin the journey of understanding ourselves as energy beings.

The most important aspect of changing how we think about ourselves is to realize that we are energy beings.  When we are created, it requires the work of both the sperm and ovum to work together to create a new life as energy.  The sperm and ovum are parts of our male and female body that have the “energy” power to generate new life, which can then grow into a new human body with the Mother’s help of good nutrition, water, and air.  We are all a product of this creation.  As humans we are created and recreated for the purpose of understanding ourselves, the Earth that we live upon, the heavens that we live within, and what it means to be human.  As humans we are designed to learn and grow by using the brain that we are given to expand our own thinking mind.  If we do not learn and expand our thinking mind, we are not living the human role that we are designed to live.  Many people think that they can simply rest on their laurels and be perfect, but our life is about growth.  When we focus on growth we have to look at ourselves and begin to see that we have grown from the union of a sperm (male) and ovum (female) into a physical human being that may have lived many years of life.

Creating new life is part of our human design that we must understand more clearly before we can move forward as a human design.  We have a brain in our human design that we consistently use to gather information that helps us to understand ourselves.  Our human design began on Earth thousands of years ago and we are only now beginning to understand the depth of learning (internal energy) that we must use to begin the intimate process of understanding who we are, why we are human, and what the role of the human is within the Universal System   One thing that we do know at this point in time is, we are here on Earth to begin to learn about the energy of who we are as eternal beings.  As Eternal Beings we live eternally in the Universal System as Energy Beings and we choose to materialize ourselves by becoming physical beings as a way of learning.  This helps us see that being physical is our method of educating ourselves and growing as energy beings.  But as physical beings we must first learn “who we are” as energy beings before we can remember what we have learned in previous lifetimes.  Our memory itself is an energy field that we cannot use as a resource of the thinking mind until we are open to learning more about ourselves as energy beings living in a physical body.

As energy beings our life is about growth and change through learning first about ourselves as Energy Beings, and second about the Universal System of Energy that we live within.  Our normal system of human birth is showing us the Energy pattern of life that is within us and the energy that gives us life.  We die when the energy of us leaves our human body. As human beings we do not think of ourselves as energy beings, but we are energy beings and if we listen closely to our own personal conversations, we will relate frequently to the energy that we feel or don’t feel.   As energy beings we never die, but we do change our physical form.

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