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Senior Correspondent

Molding Our Reality: Concepts and Perceptions

Mind, Body and Spirit

Concepts and perceptions are both levels of our thinking mind. Of course we have additional levels of our thinking mind, but it is important for us to know how we focus our thinking mind and how we prefer to focus our thinking mind many times on concepts and perceptions that have little if anything to do with truth.As we live our life with the intention of growth and change, we can clutter our thinking mind with many concepts that are not real in any aspect of our human potential, but we will think they are. If we clutter up our thinking mind with inaccuracies, we will not have the thinking space that we need to focus on truth. If we have become addicted to inaccuracies, we will not know the difference between truth and fiction.

Once we learn to focus on the subject that is at hand, we will come closer to opening up our thinking mind to the best and most effective approach to what we want to do. Our concepts of life and our perceptions about life are always of our own making. We may learn some concepts of lessons from our family, but the majority of concepts and perceptions that we have about our lives are left over from our past lives and consist of the lessons that it has been hard for us to learn. Our lessons are learned in levels. We might learn only one minor level in one life or we might learn many lessons at deeper and deeper levels, which are left over from our past lives. As we work with our concepts and perceptions of life, we expand the ways in which our mind functions and we allow ourselves to grow from each experience.This is the definition of our internal growth.

The more information that we have about ourselves, our family, life in general, and the knowledge that we have learned from living, the more we can understand ourselves, our relationship to life, and the relationship that we have to other people, our family, our jobs, our friends, and to ourselves, the more we learn to appreciate life and living.Our knowledge is always the result of our perceptions. Multiple people can hear the exact same words but their evaluation of those words has to do with the depth of their knowledge and their varied experiences that they have lived to use as their examples of definition. We must never shy away from learning at the deepest level that we can possibly learn. Our level of learning will always be designed by our life experiences and the beliefs that we are attached to.

Eating is a perfect example of how we live our concepts and perceptions to influence our entire physical, mental, and emotional life. If we have a belief that “all food is good food,” that will be the way that we eat, drink, and breathe, because we will not have any concept that another way may be a better way and we may not even know that another way of eating is available to us. It is very clear to me that many people eat, drink, and breathe in multiple toxic ways.We breathe in a toxic manner when we spray any chemical in our house or set any chemical out to deodorize our air. Being toxic to ourselves through our behaviors multiplies the challenges in our life, and being unaware of these challenges that we present for ourselves is precisely what Spiritual Philosophy is capable of helping us to overcome.

Our concepts and perceptions of what is healthy and what isn’t healthy leaves much for us to learn. Basically our concepts and perceptions are available to us as a guide to learning truth. Truth is about living the Ethical Values as the guiding energy of our life. If we do not know the truth of ourselves, we will not understand physical truth, and we will not live truth.

We will lie to ourselves, we will lie to our friends, and we will lie to our family, because we are always in a self-protective mode of thinking. Living with the reputation of a liar keeps us from ever reaching the level of our Spirit Consciousness. If we want to change, we must consistently live our truthful behavior as the total essence of our human life. Many people have learned to lie as children and have not changed that childish behavior in their adult life. Lying is always a total “giveaway” within our personality, which shows us the negative energy of our Dual Soul working overtime and it also shows our lack of integrity. Anyone that is addicted to lying can never teach Spiritual Philosophy as truth, because they are unable to “know” and to “recognize” truth, which prevents them from living truth.

If we have a perception that we are living truth, we need to write down our conversations and keep track of what we are saying in order to trace our behavior and see how often, if ever, we actually do speak truth. When we are attempting to learn how to live as a Spiritual person, we must begin to live the Ethical Values as our consistent everyday behavior. If we lie to ourselves and think that we are living our Ethical Values, we must look at our speech patterns and our behavior on a daily basis to make certain that we are living our truth. If we say one thing and do another thing, we are not living truth. Truth is always our personal responsibility. No one else can speak truth for us. If we are living with a perception that we always speak truth, we must be honest with ourselves.If we write down our truth, we have a record of what we are looking for which we can go back and check. Without having our truth written down, we can make it up as we live our life.

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