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Senior Correspondent

I have lived with a total awareness of my past lives since I was a small child. I have also had a total awareness of us as a Spirit Consciousness Energy that is living to grow and change into a conscious awareness of ourselves as Eternal Energy Beings. The more aware we become of ourselves as Energy beings that are living a human life, the more we begin to understand why this is happening and what we are meant to learn in our growth and change, or said another way what we are meant to learn in our birth and death, which are both Energy experiences that relate to our human life. Gaining an awareness of all of the levels of energy has opened my mind to teaching Spiritual Philosophy from my past life memory.

We can have past life memory as we evolve as a Spirit Consciousness because memory is a level of Spirit Consciousness, which is the accumulative pattern of our Energy learning. When we are living with only a physical awareness, we cannot grasp the Energy essence of who we are as true Eternal Energy Beings and we have no consciousness of past life memory. We are Eternal as Energy Beings that are choosing to experience life on Earth as part of our learning curve as Eternal Energy Beings. The positive part of our learning experience will be captured as an energy experience that will expand our mind and our Spirit Consciousness. The more that we live and learn the more that we expand our Spirit Consciousness. We live in many different countries, with many different belief systems, and we live as both male and female during our learning experiences of life. The important issue for all of us is truth. We cannot understand anything about ourselves if we do not understand truth. We can never “fake” knowing truth, because of the energy that is involved in the action of knowing truth.

As Energy beings we are an eternal part of the entire Energy field that makes up the scope of human life on Earth and we are part of the Energy that creates the entire Universal System of Energy that we are living within. As we learn and grow, our Energy fields expand into greater and greater dimensions as we truly understand ourselves and our internal capabilities. All Energy is eternal, therefore when we die physically our internal Energy leaves the human body and once again joins in the Energy of the Universal System as a means of planning its next human life on Earth. When we learn to understand our own Energy, we will be able to use our Energy in many different ways to help ourselves and other people to work with their Energy in a loving and productive manner. We cannot truly teach Spiritual Philosophy until we understand the truth of the Universal Energy from which we can draw on the truth of Spiritual Energy from the multiple levels of Eternal Energy. Our Spiritual Energy is the essence of living all of the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness as the energy of our entire physical life. Our Eternal Energy is the power of the human reincarnation, or if we put it another way our Eternal Energy is the essence of our Eternal Life as living the energy of all of the Ethical Values as a physical human being.. When we can accept and respect the power of our internal and eternal Energy of the Ethical Values, we will move forward in great strides as we can tap into the Universal System of Energy that can feed us more and more High Levels of Energy.

We cannot access the Ethical Values of the Higher Levels of Energy if we have not expanded our physical thinking and behaviors into a Spiritual level of thinking and living. Our Ethical Values are always our judge and jury of the physical systems counterpart. We are what we live. If we do not live the Ethical Values, we are not living in Spiritual Energy and we should not even attempt to do Spiritual therapies or teaching with our human mind. We cannot teach what we cannot reach We are always what we make ourselves to be. Are we living negative energy or are we living in positive Spiritual Energy. We must always look at ourselves, be honest with ourselves, and continue to grow and expand ourselves into our positive Spiritual Energy. We must always remember that other people are always looking at us from their level of consciousness energy expansion, therefore they can see precisely where we are in our growth, whether or not we want to accept where we are in our growth.

Opening our thinking mind to the truth of the level of growth that we are living gives us an opportunity to change and grow. Without the opportunity to change and grow, we will definitely stay in the same place or we can slide backwards. We must live the Ethical Values as our means of growth and change as a Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. We cannot live any other Energies and change and grow. Because we are designed as Eternal Energy, we must reach the level where we can grow or we will be left behind in our journey through the Universal System. Our time is running out on Earth. Earth as a planet that is populated with human beings has been one of the slowest planets in the Universe to grow and change, which has been supported by the belief that God will save all human beings if they repent their sinful ways. Growth is about the growth and change of each human being and God cannot grow for anyone.

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