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Senior Correspondent

Originality Is the “Golden Parachute” of Our Energy Fields

Mind, Body and Spirit

Understanding Energy is the path of human growth. We are energy in every aspect of our being as Humans. This truth is a challenge for many people to accept but it is essential to our growth and change as human beings that have been created by the Universal Energy. We are a Universal Design of Energy that we must use in every aspect of our human design. We think, feel, create, and inspire through the energy that lives within us as a human design. As a negative energy field, we also cheat, steal, copy, imitate, and live energies that are not ours to use. As an energy being this is a way of sliding backwards in our growth rather than moving forwards, which is termed “parasitic” energy. Creating our own internal energy field is very different than becoming a “parasitic” energy. A parasite lives off the energy of its host. When a person lives a “parasitic” energy they live off the energy of a host, which is usually someone in their life that they are copying. Copying is not just the written word. Copying relates to all life issues and can become a criminal event if it is carried to extreme in any aspect of life.

Copying also affects the energy fields of those that are being copied. This energy affect can reach across countless miles to intercede in the energy of another person. Copying can be felt as “pain without cause,” in another person’s body because it is an energy force that is making itself known to the person being copied.

As energy beings, we begin our life as a new energy focus, which means that as a human being we are searching for something new in life that we can use within ourselves to change and grow. Growth is an energy movement. Therefore, we must always use our own energy to change and grow. If we attempt to copy another person’s energy, we are not growing because we are following a copy of growth and not creating our own growth. It is wonderful to learn new information, but we must make the information into our personal mind’s understanding and attempt to create our life from that understanding.

If we attempt to create our life from another person’s understanding, we will harm our own design as an energy being. This is why it is vitally important to take what we learn and apply it in our own life to shift our energy thinking, rather than copying another person’s energy image. There is a very Spiritual reason for this change in energy thinking and it is about the design of our energy in the Universal System. If one energy has already been accepted as an energy design by the energy envelope of the Universal System, another person will be kicked out of the Universal System if they present with the identical copied design. Originality is required for future growth. This is paramount in our Universal Energy.

Originality is the “Golden Parachute” of our energy fields. No two people are permitted to live the exact same design in the Universal System. Living the same design cuts down on the originality and the expansion of the Universal System. Every human has a role to play and their role is unique to them. If anyone refuses to live their individual energy, they can be kicked out of their energy field. If anyone has become attached to copying in the physical world, the design of the Universal System will “kick” that design out of the homecoming energy fields. When we are living in Spiritual Energy, we can and will never attempt to copy another person. If we are not living in Spiritual Energy then we are not yet ready to expand our internal energy fields and expand our own personal growth by our individual thinking concepts.

There are multiple images of this reality that have been taught in our evolving energy of the physical world. These are all opposite to the Ethical values but they are seen as “banging heads,” banished from Heaven into hell,” graven images, false idols, Anti Christ, Lucifer, Dante’s Inferno, Paradise Lost. And then we have the stories of the embryo that is kicked out of being with miscarriages or abortions as an energy problem, which can require blood transfusions or problems with the blood/brain barrier. All of this reflects the human problems that exist within our human body as the mind creates challenges with the body. Once we can look at each challenge in our life, we can see precisely how we have worked them out through our own energy fields. Our energy fields have supported us in every lesson that we have needed to learn, which has allowed us to grow beyond our negative beliefs. It is important to know that we can be original in our energy healings especially in relationship to our health and happiness.

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